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LEICA M3 with Elmar-M 2,8/50 collapsible


Produced from 1954 to 1968, the Leica M3 enjoys a legendary reputation among photographers and collectors. With this camera icons of modern photography were taken and probably no second camera system influenced the modern photography and visual language as strong as the Leica M series.
The Elmar-M 2,8/50mm lens is not inferior to the Leica M3 in terms of its reputation among users and collectors.

The earlier version of the Elmar 50mm has been used in/with the Leica I since 1926 and still had an initial opening of 1: 3.5 and was already fully color corrected.
The imaging performance was so high that the Elmar 50mm established Leica's reputation as a full-fledged camera!
It was not until 1957 that the imaging performance of the lens could be increased again by using a lens made of lanthanum glass and at the same time the initial aparture changed to 1: 2.8.

Even today, the Elmar 50mm is still considered a milestone and reference in lens design and explains why many Leica photographers do not want to do without "their" 50mm lens.

The offered set made of silver chromed Leica M3 and collapsibel Elmar-M 2.8/50mm comes from the year 1959/60. The camera has the later shutter speed sequence, metal pressure plate and is a model with a single stroke for film transport and shutter winding. Self-timer and field frame selector lever are available.
The Elmar 50mm has lightly, age-related oil deposits on aperture blades and minimal punctual impairment on the first lens. That being said, it is in very good and fully usable condition!

A beautiful and historically correct set which was most likely delivered as a combination in 1959/60.

Total production M3: approx. 226.178 units
Total production M 2,8/50 collapsible: approx. 38.760 units

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R5


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