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LEICA à la carte demo set


The launch of the Leica à la carte program in 2004 brought the so called Leica à la carte demo set which was used to show the customer the possibilities for customization. It was only available to authorized Leica dealers and not for sale!
Overall, there were only 250 sets worldwide.

The set is equipped with three camera bodies, a silver-plated MP 0.58x, a black painted MP 0.72x and a black chrome M7 0.85x. These models could be personalized from 2004 using the the à la carte program. The choices included the surface design, control elements, the available viewfinder frame, and the viewfinder magnification. In addition, it was possible to select the camera cover from a selection of real leather to personal taste and personalize the camera with an individual engraving even further. There were two foldable fans for the technical data and the camera cover, as well as a pen for creating the template of an individual engraving.

The offered à la carte demonstration set is the first complete set offered worldwide!
Since there were only 250 sets and almost all cameras which were delivered with the set were sold individually after the end of the à la carte program, it should be almost impossible to find a second set!
Technically and cosmetically, the set is in mint condition

Total production: only 250 units worldwide!

Rarity: R9

Rarity forecast: R10

almost unique entire set!

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