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LEICA MOOLY #2136 in top-condition!


As early as 1938 Leica introduced a clockwork motor for use with Leica models beginning with serial number 159000, the so called motor MOOLY.
The motor MOOLY can be attached to the Leica instead of the baseplate and make possible to take up to 12 frames in sequence with full wound up spring driven mechanism. The shutter is released either by the lever on the front of the motor housing or by using a cable release which could be srewed into a special port on the base of the motor.
The coupling between motor unit and release button of the camera is solved by an external linkage arm. There is at least one model of the motor MOOLY known which has an internal coupling, a technical solution which is normally found on the MOOLY-C type, only.
Further known versions are the early units with incorporated speed switch to change between one or two frames per second and the iterim model which still has the speed selector on the front but the switch was fixed.

The offered Leica clockwork motor MOOLY belongs to the last design and allows a frame rate of up to 2 frames per second. It is both technically and cosmetically in very good to mint condition and is fully working!
Not only is the almost perfect condition of the motor MOOLY but also the fact that it is one of the relatively difficult to find export models with a small tripod thread.

Total production: there are no precise records

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R8

rare export model!

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