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Summilux-R 1,4/50mm ROM E60


In 1969, Leitz introduced the first high-speed lens for the Leicaflex - the Summilux-R 1.4 / 50mm. The first version was a modified Gauss type with 7 lenses and still had a clip-on lens hood. The mount of the Summilux was redesigned in 1978 and was brought into the compact form with built in lens hood and filter thread E55. The optical structure remained the same.

In 1998 with catalog number 11344 Leica also improved the optical design with 8 lenses in 7 groups. The easiest way to recognize the modern version is the size of the filter thread (E60mm).

The offered Leica Summilux-R 1.4 / 50mm E60 has ROM contacts, is in mint condition and will be delivered in its original packaging.

Production quantity unknown.

Rarity: R5

rarity forecast: R6


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