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LEICA M6 Platinum "150 Jahre Photographie - 75 Jahre Leica Photographie"


Leica intorduced in 1989 the Leica M6 platinum as limited edition model to commemorate 150 years of photography and 75 years of Leica photography. The camera was produced in a limited series of 1.250 units and comes equiped with a matching platinum plated Summilux-M 1,4/50mm lens in a wooden mahogany box. The body cover was made from grey karung leather and accomplish the luxury and unique look this models receives from the platinum plated superficies.

The camera with individual number E089 is in mint condition but without makers box.

The rewind crank has corrosion/oxidationmarks, but the crank will not be replaced to preserve the unchanged original condition of the offered M6 platinum! A brand-new rewind crank is supplied, which can be used for replacement to achieve a mint consmetic condition of the camera.

total production: 1.250 units in five batches of 250 units each. The individual numbers are combined by the 5 letters L E I C A each followed by a number (1-250)

rarity: R7

rarity forecast: R8

limited edition

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