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LEICA I (Model A)


The Leica I (Model A) was built between 1925 and 1930. The camera is equipped with a fixed Elmar 3.5 / 50mm lens and has an optical telescope viewfinder. The distance could be determined with a separate rangefinder.
Many of the early Leica I models have been modified or rebuilt over the decades. Leitz offered from about 1930 the conversion of an existing Leica to the latest technical level, which often led to the fact that early Leica I models were converted in Leica II or Leica III, for example. As a result, many early cameras have lost their historical importance and are often also of considerable value.

Offered is a Leica I from 1930 in unchanged original condition. All features of a regular late Leica I, such as the taller transport knob, the depth-of-field scale on the lens and the late version of the base plate are still present.
The cosmetic condition shows normal to distinct signs of use, which can hardly be avoided in the case of a camera of this age by the intended use. The vulcanite cover on the camera body is in am above average condition and this is quite remarkable.
Technically, the condition of the Leica I and Elmar 3.5/50mm is good to very good. The focus and the aperture ring are working, the lens is slightly hazy.

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