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LEICA IIf "copper-plated"

Since the aesthetic aspect of a Leica always plays a role for many Leica collectors and photographers, and many see the camera as more than just a tool, we have considered a little highlight for you.
We handed over the camera and lens to a specialist company that copper-coated the Leica using a galvanic process.
The result is a beautiful "copper-plated" Leica, which as a pure object not only brings out the technical aesthetics but also the design of a classic Leica screw thread camera with its smooth, copper-red surface!

Here you see a Leica IIf with an Elmar 3.5/5cm lens and lens hood.
Identifiable by the following features:

- one-piece top cap, so it must be one of the the models c, d, f and g.
- no slow shutter speeds (therefore it is not a model "III", but only a model "II")
- flash synchronization, so one can say "f" like flash

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