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LEICA bright line finder 135mm SHOOC with original box


The mirror finder, usually called bright line finder, for 135mm lenses appeared from 1950 in the Leitz/Leica accessory lists. Initially still with the focal length specification 13.5cm and a distance scale in meters or feet, the engraving changed during the production time to 135mm focal length and a combined distance scale.
As with all bright line finders for longer focal lengths, a parallax compensation was also possible with the version for 135mm focal length.
The bright line finders were still in the accessor lists up to the 1970s, whereby the versions for the wide angle lenses 21mm and 28mm are produced in modified form to the present day.

For collectors, bright line finders are a very popular field of activity due to their many small details changes, and many are looking specifically for matching pieces to complete a lens with the historically correct accessories, for example.

What is special about the 135mm bright line finder SHOOC offered is, that it is in mint condition. If one assumes that many viewfinders have gotten distinct signs of use over the years or are even damaged or lost, the condition is all the more remarkable.
Not only the black lacquered back, also the glass of the viewfinder and the frame lines are perfectly preserved. The original packaging is almost impeccable and the leather case included in the offer is close to mint.

The 135mm viewfinder is normally hardly to find in this condition and would make a wonderful addition to an Elmar 4.0 / 135mm and one of the late Leica screw mount cameras such as the Leica IIf or the Leica IIIg model.

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Rarity: in this condition R6

Rarity forecast: R6

in mint condition!

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