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LEICA tripod head KGOON

Leitz/Leica ball-jointed tripod heads are the oldest continuously produced accessories for Leica cameras.
First mentioned in the manuals in 1927, there have been numerous technical changes over the decades. Early versions, for example, still had a relatively short body, from the mid-1930s then took a longer design and current available large ball joint head 18 (order number 14110) is built almost unchanged since 1984.
The previous version already had the long body but was still equipped with interchangeable threads (3/8 and 1/4 inches) for tripod and camera connection.

Double threads were available from the mid-1950s. Early tripod heads had a spring-loaded 3/8 inch thread (also referred to as a German thread) over a 1/4 inch (English thread) thread screw and were thus suitable for Leica cameras and lenses for the European market as well as for the models produced for the export markets England and USA.

The offered ball head KGOON comes from this period. It has the typical Leitz condenser logo of the 1950s and has engraved the letter D underneath. The significance of the additional engraving is not yet clarified. The condition is according to age good to very good and fully working.

The KGOON still is in unchanged original condition!

Total production: not recorded

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R5

in original condition!

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