4x SILBERSALZ35 50D with Processing and Scanning

Original SILBERSALZ35 50D True Cinefilm. Made with untouched KODAK Vision3 motion picture film like it is used in Hollywood.

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SILBERSALZ35 is professionally manufactured in metal cartridges and compatible with every 35mm camera out there. 50D has an ISO of 50 and is balanced for Daylight (5500K). DX-Code is rated at 25 ISO since we recommend overexposing this film by one stop. 36 exposures.
This Lab Voucher can be used for True Cinefilm ECN-2 Processing & up to 150MP APOLLON-Scanning at SILBERSALZ.LAB.
During processing you have the option to Pull, Push or Bleach bypass your round of films at no extra costs
Only ECN-2 Processing is right for SILBERSALZ35 Film
Do not develop SILBERSALZFILM35 in normal C-41 chemistry
After Processing you will receive a web gallery where you can view and download your high quality scans with a 4K resolution and the famous SILBERSALZ Colour Science. Half-Frame and Panorama Scans are also supported. If you like you can later upgrade to 14K/150MP, 16bit uncompressed Scans.