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ELMARIT-S 2,8/30mm ASPH.

The Leica Elmarit-S 1:2.8 / 30mm ASPH. is the fastest medium-format wide-angle lens and corresponds with the Leica Pro Format of Leica cameras of S-30x45mm a 24mm lens in the small-screen system The construction was very complicated. A total of 13 elements to achieve the highest optical Performance in the S-ELMARIT 1:2.8 / 30mm ASPH. used. Below are five Lenses made of glass with anomalous partial dispersion, three of which are in turn Fluoride-class lenses for the correction of chromatic aberrations. To minimize monochromatic aberrations come to two aspherical Use, which among other things, an excellent correction of Distortion is achieved. The stable version and the perfect Sealing against dust and splash water guarantee the longevity and Dependability.

Like all Leica S lenses, also provides the ELMAR-S 1:2,8 / 30mm ASPH. picture perfect results, with no digital corrections so that photographers concentrate purely on the creative design can. Maximum contrast rendition and high resolution even at full aperture. Crisp and clean color reproduction.

Very low distortion thanks to the high intensity of 1:2.8, it is eminently suitable for shooting in available light and the targeted use of selective Sharpness. Very good stray light suppression for high-contrast images, even against the light. The lens hood is designed to perfectly, which is inversely attachable.

So it's ideal for the use of architecture, interior, landscape, reportage and fashion.


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