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LEICA M10 black chrome

Leica M10
The camera.

M like milestone: Compact dimensions, improved performance and the new ISO setting dial on the top plate offer M-Photographers what they wish for from an M-Camera. More than 60 years of rangefinder expertise, 11 years of digital M-Camera development and invaluable feedback from dedicated M-Photographers have inspired Leica engineers to create the slimmest digital M of all time: the Leica M10.

The key component of the Leica M10 is the 24 MP, full-frame CMOS sensor developed especially for the camera. It features new technologies that lead to significant improvements in all parameters relevant to imaging performance: impressive dynamic range, excellent contrast rendition, exceptional sharpness and finest resolution of details.
The new sensor design of the Leica M10 has made it possible to extend the ISO sensitivity range to values between 100 and 50,000 and also brings significantly improved noise characteristics in exposures captured at higher ISO values.

For the Leica M10, several important aspects of this legendary combined viewfinder and rangefinder system have now been further improved. To improve the view of the subject, the field of view has been enlarged by 30% and the magnification factor has been increased 0.73. In addition to this, the eye-relief distance has also been significantly increased. Thanks to a 50% increase in this distance, the viewfinder is much more convenient to use, particularly for photographers who wear glasses.

Thanks to a 2 GB buffer memory and sequential shooting at up to five frames per second at full resolution, photographers will never again miss the decisive moment.

The latest-generation Leica Maestro-II image processor of the Leica M10 reflects the state-of-the-art of advanced processor technology. In combination with the new 24 MP sensor, this ensures that all exposures fulfil the promise made by Leica: pictures that captivate with exceptional quality and brilliance. As a result, the Leica M10 delivers images with low digital noise levels and true-to-life detail, even at ISO values as high as 50,000.

Thanks to components machined from solid brass, the high strength of the M-10’s full-metal, magnesium alloy chassis and scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass, is built to effortlessly resist the adversities of everyday life guaranteeing enduring pleasure to  the photographers. Further protection against light showers, dust and bad weather is provided by special rubber seals.

At a glance

- slimmest digital M of all time
- 24 MP full-frame CMOS sensor
- magnification factor 0.73, field of view has been enlarged by 30%
- 2 GB buffer memory, up to five frames per second
- Leica Maestro-II image processor
- programmable ‘Favourites’ menu
- integrated WLAN module
- Live View function / Focus Peaking

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