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LEICA M10-P silver chrome finish

M as milestone: The Leica M10-P, like the Leica M10, impresses with its compact dimensions, improved performance and even more intuitive operation.
The top of the M10-P is just 33.75 millimeters deep and thus four millimeters thinner than that of her sister Leica M (type 240). This makes the Leica M10-P the slimmest digital M ever.
In addition, a new shutter was installed which is almost noiseless. This makes it the quietest digital or analogue Leica camera ever built.
New touchscreen controls such as wiping and pinch zoom.

- slimmest digital M ever
- 24 MP full-frame CMOS sensor
- Magnification factor 0.73, field of view has been increased by 30%
- 2 GB cache, up to five frames per second
- Leica Maestro II image processor
- programmable "favorites" menu
- Integrated WLAN module
- Live View Function / Focus Peaking
- quietest closure ever installed in an M camera
- new touchscreen controls such as wiping and pinch zoom

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"Camera without lens"


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