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Leica CL "100 jahre bauhaus" Edition

Limited Set - only 150 pieces worldwide!

The Leica CL "100 jahre bauhaus" Edittion is a reminiscence to to the famous Bauhaus design school.

On the occasion of the aniversary programm "100 years of bauhaus" the iconic Leica CL comes in a set with the Elmarit-TL 18mm f 2.8 ASPH. and with a special leather carrying strap with "bauhaus" embossment.

The lettering on the camera is made by Joost Schmidt, one of the famous graphic designers at the Bauhaus in Germany. As a director of the photography department at the Bauhaus in Dessau from 1928 to 1932, he also had a close relationship to the art of photography. His graphics, posters and designs are extraordinary examples of the Bauhaus design.

The reduction on the essentials is a principle, the product designers of Leica feel obliged to. That‘s why Leica decided to create this limited special edition of the Leica CL on the occasion of the anniversary programm „100 years of bauhaus“. With a black Leica logo, a discreet lettering on the black leather as well as a special carrying strap with the embossed „bauhaus“ lettering, this special edition is an elegant, iconic piece of german design, that obeys the concept of „form follows function“.

Release 27.05.2019!


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