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LEICA Binoculars

LEICA Trinovid 10x40, black leathered

The new Leica Trinovid binoculars are a tribute to the iconic glass of the 1960s. It was no coincidence that NASA opted to send a Trinovid along on the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in in July of 1969. Even 50 years later, the new Leica Trinovid binoculars remain true to this tradition and cultivate it further. Shapely, slim and elegant in classic binocular design featuring black leather, they are a statement and a timeless accessory. Experience viewing pleasure with the most compact Trinovid model, which offers a superior field of view. With a 10x zoom, the scenery can be scanned blur-free while remaining incredibly relaxed. Thanks to its compact dimensions it fits in any pocket, making it the ideal companion for travel, at events or on holiday.

- Iconic design, elegant slim shape with classic leather armouring
- Modern premium optics for impressive viewing experiences
- Brilliant, natural colours and high-contrast, bright images
- Clear, bright images
- Reliable and universal
- Great overview and detail recognition
- High-quality, rugged aluminium housing


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