Abrahamsson Rapidwinder M2, silver anodized

Extremely rare version of the Abrahamsson Rapidwinders for use with the Leica M2.
One of only 260 pieces and in this condition an absolute rarity!

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Condition : A One of only 260 units!

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The Abrahamon Rapidwinder was first produced by the Canadian photographer and industrial designer in 1987.
Since then the Leicavit MP-based design has enjoyed increasing popularity among Leica photographers. This was due to the fact that the original Leicavit MP can not be used on modern Leica rangefinder cameras, and Leica did not offer a mechanical rapid winder until the Leicavit M was re-introduced in 2003.

The Rapidwinder, manufactured by Tom Abhamson, can be used upwards in all standard Leica M cameras from the Leica M4-2. In addition, there was a version for use with the Leica M2.

The Rapidwinder M2-IXMOO is a special version of the regular Rapidwinder M2 and extremly hard to find.
The difference to the normal Rapidwinder M2 is that the Rapidwinder M2-IXMOO can be used in conjunction with the Leica IXMOO film cassette. Only 100 pieces of this special model were produced!

Total production: only 300 units, 260 in silver finish!

Rarity: R8

Rarity forecast: R8