Artisan Artist ACAM-130 Strap black

ARTISAN&ARTIST produces the highest quality photo products. Since its foundation, the company has been committed to the principle of combining exceptional craftsmanship and design quality without compromise. The impressive attention to detail is also noticeable in the ACAM-130 camera strap.

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This strap has a signature, stitched ornament made of red Italian leather with a luxurious feel, and has the Artisan&Artist logo engraved using a heat embossed finish. It naturally accentuates the photographer wearing it. The shoulder part with beautiful luster is thick and sturdy, as well as giving a supple and luxurious impression. The tape for attachment made of custom-ordered material has a solid structure so that it stays tight and secure. It feels stable when the strap is wrapped around the hands or when carrying the camera by wearing the strap around the neck. Perfect for the professionally-minded who want to be particular about materials, this strap has such a soft and smooth yet durable texture that users won’t be able to do without once they use it. It is a strap for professional use, developed from Artisan&Artist’s wholehearted efforts.

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