Artisan Artist ACAM-280L Strap red

ARTISAN&ARTIST produces the highest quality photo products. Since its foundation, the company has been committed to the principle of combining exceptional craftsmanship and design quality without compromise. The impressive attention to detail is also noticeable in the ACAM-280L camera strap.

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The ACAM-280L reflects the customers input for a longer strap that can go over the shoulder, as well as more length variation. With its 12mm width, the strap has a light-weight design and the more you use this high-quality natural leather strap, the more charming it becomes. This strap is handmade with high quality Italian leather by an expert Japanese artisan, and it can hold LEICA M or a compact camera like LEICA Q. The strap features a ring-type attachment system. The protection flaps prevent the rings from scratching your camera body. The leather's initial luster may fade with use, but its natural color will be retained.

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