Artisan Artist ACAM-900 Strap grey

ARTISAN&ARTIST produces the highest quality photo products. Since its foundation, the company has been committed to the principle of combining exceptional craftsmanship and design quality without compromise. The impressive attention to detail is also noticeable in the ACAM-900 camera strap.

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Photographers want to concentrate on shooting when holding the camera –this camera strap reflects such photographer’s mind as it places importance on the feeling when the strap touches the neck. The strap is suitable for medium to light-weight cameras such as mirrorless cameras and entry-level SLR cameras. It mainly uses a soft, acrylic band with a nice texture, and a supple, water-proof leather for the inner section where it touches the user’s neck. It also has a striking, asymmetrical design as the leather piping is done on only one side of the strap. The red leather tab stitched on the strap simply has the “ARTISAN&ARTIST” corporate logo with an embossed finish.

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