Billingham AVEA 7 khaki/tan

BILLINGHAM bags are handcrafted in England and renowned and highly regarded around the world. The BILLINGHAM AVEA 7 is a high-quality accessory bag with approx. 0.50L of storage space suitable for many BILLINGHAM models. Alternatively, it can also be worn on the belt as a small camera bag.

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This is the AVEA 7 which has a volume of approx. 0.50L and which extends the volume of a number of Billingham bags. The 'End Pockets' give you the option to store a little more or keep certain things separate from the contents of your main bag. Of course some people use these as small camera bags in their own right. The AVEA 7 is ideal for the Hadley Small Pro, but also for the Hadley Digital, Hadley Pro and Hadley Large Pro. Each of these models fit two AVEA 7 bags each measuring approx. 180 x 130 x 90mm and weighing only approx. 130g each. The AVEA 7 can also be worn on the belt.

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