Billingham 72 khaki/tan

BILLINGHAM bags are handcrafted in England and renowned and highly regarded around the world. The BILLINGHAM 72 is the ideal size for premium compact cameras with fixed lenses such as the LEICA Q or LEICA Q2.

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The Billingham bags can be recognized by their distinct and classy looks, but looks aren't everything! What's even more important for Billingham, is the amount of protection that the bags offer and the high-quality materials that they're made of. These Billingham bags, all designed and constructed in England, show the typical English eye for detail. With a volume of just under 1.4l it is even smaller than the Hadley Digital. But that makes them particularly interesting for owners of high-quality rangefinder cameras. The Billingham 72 is the ideal size for premium cameras with fixed lenses such as Leica Q, Fujifilm X100 or the Sony DSC-RX1R series. Many small mirrorless system cameras with a small standard lens also fit well. Examples include Fujifilm X-T, Olympus OM-D series or Leica M.

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