Billingham Hadley Digital black/tan

BILLINGHAM bags are handcrafted in England and renowned and highly regarded around the world. The BILLINGHAM HADLEY Digital is no exception. It is the smallest of the bags in the HADLEY series and offers space for a small system camera with up to 2-3 additional lenses.

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The Billingham bags can be recognized by their distinct and classy looks, but looks aren't everything! What's even more important for Billingham, is the amount of protection that the bags offer and the high-quality materials that they're made of. These Billingham bags, all designed and constructed in England, show the typical English eye for detail. Outside, the Hadley Digital is approx. 210mm x 130mm x 210mm, while the main compartment measures approx. 180mm x 100mm x 170mm on the inside. With a volume of 2.5l, it is easy to handle, but unlike its larger sisters in the Hadley series, it does not have a removable insert.

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