Billingham Hadley Large blue/tan

BILLINGHAM bags are handcrafted in England and renowned and highly regarded around the world. The BILLINGHAM HADLEY Large is no exception. It offers ample space for larger cameras or even an entire photographic equipment consisting of two camera bodies, several lenses and accessories.

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The Billingham bags can be recognized by their distinct and classy looks, but looks aren't everything! What's even more important for Billingham, is the amount of protection that the bags offer and the high-quality materials that they're made of. These Billingham bags, all designed and constructed in England, show the typical English eye for detail. The Hadley Large is based on the original Hadley just a little taller and slightly wider. It lacks rear zip pocket or the handle of the Hadley Pro but its extra height provides that bit of extra space for lenses or documents whilst still staying very slim and close to the body. For example you can store a Leica SL facing lens down or lens up with a 80-200mm lens so long as you don't attach a battery grip to the camera you'll still have room to the side for 2 or 3 more lenses.

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