CHIEF MATE Leather Strap Darkbrown

“Chief Mate” straps are manufactured entirely in Germany. The partner is a saddlery near Hamburg. The strap is made of a light-coloured nubuck leather underneath, which does not stain, and an upper leather made of robust full-grain cowleather. The leathers are glued, cut, punched and then sewn.

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The Chief Mate is completely manufactured in Germany. Partner is a saddlery near Hamburg. It is important for us to know personally the people who manufacture our products and have direct contact with them.

The carrying strap is made of two leathers. Below we use a soft and light nubuck leather that does not stain. The upper is a robust full cowhide. Both leather come from Italy and are vegetable tanned. We'd like you to smell it here. We always remember old school bags. A great smell. The two leather are first glued, then cut and the ends punched. The punching mold guarantees the distance between the two holes, which are important for the fit. At the tips, the upper is slightly thinner, so it has a little more clearance at the camera eye. Both leathers are sewn together with a coarse decorative seam before the snap hook is attached to the strap with a rivet.

The classic colors are black, dark brown and a light cognac brown. The brown belts adorn a light seam. We offer the black belt with a red, white or black seam. We chose the length so that the camera can be worn diagonally across the shoulder. Therefore, the Chief Mate is slightly longer than other belts. You can choose between 125 cm and 138 cm.

125cm, seam white

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