CHIEF MATE Leder-Tragriemen SMUTJE black/white

“Chief Mate” belts are completely manufactured in Germany. Partner is a saddlery near Hamburg. The strap is made of a light-colored lower leather made of nubuck leather, which does not dye, and an upper leather made of robust full cowhide. The leathers are glued, cut, punched and then sewn.

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Smutje is the little brother of the Chief-Mate and can be attached to almost all cameras. It is with 18 mm 4 mm narrower than the Chief-Mate and has a classic ring attachment. Smutje is ideal if you do not want to constantly attach and detach the camera strap and the snap hooks on the Chief-Mate bother you.

– 100% vegetable tanned leather

– Robust upper leather

– soft nubuck underleather

– completely stitched

– length 1,38m

The strap is designed for a maximum weight (camera + lens) of 2 KG.

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