Komura 2x Extender-LTM with viewfinder

Offered is a Komura Telemore 2x Extender in the version for Leica M-series cameras. It comes including the viewfinder. Both the cosmetic and the technical condition are very good.
A nice piece from the 1960s and a worthwhile addition to any classic Leica camera.

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No. : 687527 Condition : A-B Rare Extender from the 1960s

UVP: 715,50 


The Komura Telemore 2x Extender was built from 1960 to 1970. There was a version for Leica screw mount cameras and one for Leica M cameras.

Usually delivered in a small leather case with recess for the extender and the corresponding viewfinder, the build quality of the Komura extender and viewfinder was quite high. The extender, for example, is an optical construction of five lenses, in which efforts to achieve a high imaging performance. It is remarkable that the Komura Extender is fully integrated with the Leica rangefinder and allows focusing with the viewfinder of the camera body. The image filed is then determined with the help of the seperate viewfinder.

Opinions regarding the image performance of the Komura Telemore 2x Extender are divided. The most important advantage of this extender is the fact that it fully maintains the rangefinder coupling between the lens and the camera and, in addition to being light in weight, also has very compact dimensions. The extender belonging to the searcher is usable, but you should not compare it to any comparison to the performance of a Leica viewfinder.

Total production: not exactly known

Rarity: R6

Rarity forecast: R6