“Lei-Ko” Battery Cover for S-Spare-Batteries

The Battery Box 2x is stores two LEICA “BP-PRO-1” spare batteries safley. It is manufactured to high standards and made from high-quality polycarbonate which is painted in black. The holder has an adjustable indicator for each battery to quickly recognise if the battery is charged or discharged.

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The Battery Box, 2x is designed to safely store two LEICA "BP-PRO-1" batteries compatible with the S Cameras.

Manufactured to exacting standards from a high-quality poly-carbonate, and finished in black, the Battery Box, 2x also features an adjustable indicator for each battery to quickly see if it is charged or discharged.

A small release switch on the back of the Battery Box works similar to the camera's battery release lever, where an additional "tap" of the battery fully releases it from the box.

This item is made in Germany, however please note it is produced by a third-party manufacturer, not LEICA Camera.

Weight: 45 grams

Dimensions: 87mm wide, 64mm long, 25mm tall

Batteries not included!

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