LEICA APO-Summicron-SL 2,0/75mm ASPH.

Street, portrait, or whatever catches your eye: Conceived as a universal lens for all situations, the APO-Summicron-SL 75 f/2 ASPH. opens up new horizons for photography in the flexible range between standard and telephoto focal lengths.

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No. : 11178

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Coming from the SL prime lens lineup, this product works at versatile focal lengths, and suits the needs of your Leica 75-90 mm lenses. It is ideal for a lot of situations, including portraiture, street photography, and a whole lot more. It features a razor-thin depth of field that creates better effects, and the most ideal imaging performance working for all apertures.

The product has special qualities to love. It is powerful and bright yet compact enough to carry anywhere. It comes with high light intensity, thus bringing enormous possibilities, plus motifs can easily be worked on with the use of depth of field of background and foreground – whether to shoot out of hand in low light or to freeze fast movements.

This product is gifted with an innovative design, with compact dimensions and lesser weight than usual. Excellent imaging results are expected at all times. It. is made up of 11 lenses with an aspherical surface. To correct the color aberrations, a very high proportion of the lenses are made of sensitive and high-quality special lenses. Their special optical property, the so-called anomalous partial dispersion, makes it possible to compensate for the chromatic aberrations introduced by the other glasses. As a result, even highlights in the picture are largely free of color edges.

  • Dual Syncro Drive TM for quick and quiet focusing
  • Optimized frame geometry and high-quality coating for scattered light optimization
  • Handy high-performance format
  • Produced using the highest quality standards (Made in Germany)
  • AquaDura ® coating for dust and spray protection, making it great for everyday use, including under extreme conditions
  • L-mount bayonet
  • Impressive images at a combination of maximum magnification of 1:5 and high detail contrast

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