LEICA Elmar-M 2,8/50mm, silver chrome

Offered is a Elmar M 2.8/50mm in silver chrome finish (from 1994) incl. lens hood, leather case and maker's box. Technically and cosmetically the condition is very good to mint.

In addition, the lens was completely overhauled at Leica in Dec. 2022 and 6-bit coded.

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No. : 3668566 Condition : A-B Original boxed



Based on the lens of the Leica M6J anniversary camera, the Elmar-M 2,8/50mm was reintroduced in 1994 as a regular series version.
The lens is based on its predecessor who was found from 1957 to 1974 in the Leica sales lists. However, it is equipped with modern types of glass and layers of coatings and should have a slightly different optical design in the regular series version.
The imaging performance is excellent even from today's point of view and shows that modern types of glass and lens coating can unearth even higher optical performance from a classic lens design of the 1950s.
The first production run begann with serial number range #3668001-3669000 in 1994 and was mixed production black and silver chrome.
The Elmar 50mm was made in black anodized as well as silver chrome finish and in 2007 was taken out of the program.
From the silver chromed version, only about 3,000 pieces were produced.

It can be used on all Leica M cameras, whereby the lens should not be pushed back in for transport on the digital M-models!

Total production: at most 3.000 units

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R6