LEICA Elmar-M 3,8/24mm ASPH. 6Bit pre-series

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No. : 4087846 Condition : A-B



The lens, which was produced in approximately 4,800 to 4,850 units from 2008 to 2020, is an absolutely exceptional lens in terms of its imaging performance and its main area of application is in architectural and landscape photography.

Due to its rather unimpressive technical specifications on paper, not many photographers chose the Elmar-M 3.8/24mm ASPH. and this is also reflected in the production figures.
Those who own the lens are full of praise for the optical performance and the very finely nuanced colour rendition.
Together with the Leica Super-Elmar-M 1:3.4/21mm ASPH., the Elmar-M 3.8/ 24mm lens formed the basis for very high-performance super wide-angle lenses with normal or moderate focal lengths and therefore very compact dimensions for the Leica M system.

Offered is one of the extremely rare pre-series lenses in very good to mint condition incl. original box.
Only about one Elmar-M 3.8/24mm ASPH. pre-series was produced and it is not known how many of these lenses still exist today in unaltered condition or at all!

Total production: approx. 4,850 units including 50 units pre-series production

Rarity: R8

Rarity forecast. R9