LEICA HG-SCL6 Handgrip for SL2

The LEICA HG-SCL6 battery grip gives you an even firmer grip when you are shooting handheld. An additional release button gives you greater flexibility when shooting portraits. The grip features an additional joystick for autofocus control and space for a second battery.

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No. : 16061

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Dedicated to the Leica SL2 mirrorless camera, the HG-SCL6 Multi Function Handgrip offers both extended battery life and a more comfortable grip when shooting in the vertical orientation. The grip accepts one additional BP-SCL4 battery to effectively double the overall battery life for longer shooting sessions. The grip's design maintains the same layout, fit, and finish as the camera body itself for seamless use, and incorporates a secondary shutter button and control dials for intuitive operation.

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