LEICA II “Luxus” Replica

Replica of the gold-plated Leica “Luxus” models produced by Leica between 1929 and 1931.

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No. : 80033 Condition : A-B



In 1929, Leica introduced a luxury version of the Leica I screw-thread camera with 24k real gold in its range for the first time.
The camera was covered with colored lizard leather and was usually supplied with a range finder that was also gold-plated.
Only approx. 95 units were produced up to 1931 (more recent information assumes a slightly higher number) and the so-called Leica “Luxus” is one of the most sought-after screw thread models.

In general, the Leica “Luxus” is only available as a Leica I model.
However, six Leica IIs were also manufactured as “luxury”.
In addition, there is at least one well-known Leica IIIf that was made as a special version by Leica.

The Leica II “Luxus” replica offered here was probably modified by Leica itself .
According to the works archive (entry in the shipping book), the case, which was originally painted black, was delivered to Prague on May 4, 1932.
The delivery took place including Elmar 3.5 / 5cm lens.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine when the camera was made as a replica.

Technically, the Leica II “Luxus” replica is in very good condition . Cosmetically, the camera can be classified as very good to as good as new.
The almost immaculate condition of the lizard leather is remarkable!

Total production: one of a kind

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R8