LEICA IIIf conversion, red curtain

Leica IIIc with red curtain. Factory converted to Leica IIIf.

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No. : 363720 Condition : C



The Leica IIIc was manufactured from 1940 and is one of the models which were used among other things by the military forces.
For this reason, some of the IIIc cameras have military engravings and  sometimes technical solutions that were not used on regular production Leica models.

The Leica IIIc has been manufactured with red shutter curtains from October 1939 until Juli 1941 and many of the produced cameras have been equiped with normal shutter curtains during service/repais works at the factory. For that reason it becomes quite hard to find an original and unchanged model today.

The offered IIIc was probably delivered in 1940 and is one of the rare models with red shutter curtain. The camera has no military engraving and is therefore referred to collectors as "civil wartime production". Such cameras were exported by Leitz, example given, to neutral Switzerland.

The shutter speeds are working(Closure sometimes tired), viewfinder and rangefinder are flawless. Technically this Leica IIIc is in good condition. The camera has been converted into a Leica IIIf model but the original shutter curtains has been kept unchanged!

Total production: aprox. 14.000 units with red curtain!

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R7