LEICA III c sharkskin

relatively late Leica III c (second version) with nowadays rare sharkskin body cover

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No. : 496477 Condition : B-C original condition

UVP: 675,00 


The Leica IIIc which was introduced in 1940 and was manufactured to 1951 was the first Leica model which deviated from the classic construction of screw mount camera models. For the first time, the Leica IIIc used a die-cast housing and a one-piece top cap, resulting in much simpler manufacturing and, as a result, faster and significantly higher production volumes.
A total of approximately 133,626 cameras were built in the period from 1940 to 1951.

Generally speaking, the IIIc distinguishes production from 1940-1944 as the first model and production from 1946-1951 as the second model. Many design features and improvements of the second model are based on the design and customization required in early production due to governmental and military demands.
The production of the second version of the IIIc began in 1946 with serial number 400 000 and the first production lot ran to 440 000 in 1947. Cameras from this early production are very rare today.

Offered is one of the first Leica IIIc from post-war production (from 1950). The condition is technically and cosmetically good to very good, according to the age.
The camera is equiped with a sharkskin body cover which is somehow uncommon to rare these days.

Total production: approx. 100.876 units from 1946 up to 1951

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R5