LEICA IIIf chrome DA export version

Export version of the Leica IIIf with red flash synchronization dial and self-timer. Equipped with a Summicron-M39 2.0/5cm collapsible with thorium-containing glass.

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No. : 695273 Condition : B Weston scale



The Leica IIIf was introduced in 1950 by Leitz/Leica and was a further development of the Leica IIIc. The shutter mechanism design of the Leica IIIf is based on a modification of the ball-bearing constrution built during the war and was extremely reliable and robust. The self-timer built into the camera from 1954 on is a further development of the first version, which was introduced for the first time in the Leica IIId. In addition, the Leica IIIf also offered the possibility to use the mechanical Leicavit rapid winder.
Overall, it can be said that the Leica IIIf combined the best features of all available Leica models at the time of your market launch in 1950, and with the available flash synchronization also has an important new function.
During the construction period from 1950 to 1957 three different basic types of the Leica IIIf were produced. The first version had a black dial for flash synchronization, a classic range of shutter speeds and no built-in self-timer.
The second version had a red dial and a new shutter speed scale. These models were available from 1952 and had, in addition to the new graduation of the shutter speeds, a new shutter speed mechanism.
The third version was based on the Leica IIIf with newly designed shutter and brought with it a built-in self-timer. This version was built from 1954 until the production end.

Offered is a Leica IIIf red dial (third version) from 1954. The technical and cosmetic condition is good to very good.
The camera is equipped with an Summicron 2,0/5cm lens with thorium glas.

Total production: approx. 59.100 units with red dial ans self-timer

Rarity: R4

Rarity forecast: R4