LEICA M10 Monochrome

The LEICA M10 Monochrome is a rangefinder camera with a 40MP full-frame black and white sensor. It creates images of unique quality and shows even the finest details. The Monochrome impresses with its high ISO performance, the extended dynamic range and an extremely quiet shutter noise.

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A brand new pixel design results in a completly new black and white sensor, that's exclusively developed to unleash the full optical performance of LEICA M lenses. More than 40 Millon pixels show even the finest details. A base ISO of 160 is the lowest ever in a M Monochrom Camera. The superb high ISO performance (up to ISO 100.000) and the dynamic range is even better than in all predecessor models. The Leica M10 Monochrom is the epitome of discretion, which is why LEICA chose to omit the familiar, and potentially eyecatching, red dot. In a similar vein, the “LEICA M10 Monochrom” inscription on the top plate is considerably more subtle. The strict omission of any colorinlaid engravings further emphasizes the camera’s monochrome character.

  • 40MP monochrome sensor
  • Monochrome black and grey design
  • Base ISO 160
  • Max. ISO 100.000
  • Long exposure times up to 16 min.
  • Sepia and colour toning
  • M10 thin body design
  • M10 ISO dial
  • Silent shutter as known from M10-P
  • Touch display
  • Leica FOTOS connectivity

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