LEICA M10-P “White Edition”

Limited edition model of the Leica M10-P with matching Summilux-M 1,4/50mm ASPH. lens from 2019.
Camera and lens are in mint condition and original boxed. Unfortunately, the outer silver cardboard box is missing.

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No. : 20029 Condition : A



The all-white design of the M10-P “White Edition” takes its cue from the extremely popular Leica M8 White Edition released in 2009: The top and bottom plates are finished in white paint and are colour matched with the camera’s high-quality, genuine leather trim in white.
Silver control elements with engravings picked out in white ideally complement the design concept of the LEICA M10-P ‘White’.
The camera comes as a set with a silver chrome version of the Summilux-M 1,4/50mm ASPH. lens.
The engravings on the lens are also picked out in white to match those of the camera.
A genuine leather carrying strap in white with Leica embossing and a white leather case for the lens round off the set.

The M10-P “White Edition” is available in a worldwide limited edition of only 350 examples.
All cameras have their own unique serial number.

Total production: only 350 units worldwide!

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R8