LEICA M10-R silver chrome

The LEICA M10-R is a classic rangefinder camera with a 40MP full-frame sensor. It creates images of unique quality and shows even the smallest details. A brand new pixel design unfolds the full optical performance of the M lenses, for impressive images even under challenging lighting conditions.

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No. : 20003

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Higher resolution and better low-light performance for an impressive image quality

A brand new pixel design results in a completely new M-Sensor, that is exclusively developed
to unleash the full optical performanceof Leica M lenses.

40.89 Millon pixels show even the finest details.The excellent high ISO performance (ISO 100 up to ISO 50000) and the dynamic range surpasses all predecessor cameras.

• Thin M10 body design

• Sophisticated, from body haptics to the interface design

• Silent shutter

• Exposure time from 16 mim to 1/4000 sec.

• Excellent craftsmanship Made in Germany



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