LEICA M2 black paint, restored

Original black painted, factory-restored Leica M2 from the year 1962.
The camera is in mint condition and was obviously not used or only very little after the restoration.

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No. : 1053233 Condition : AA



The Leica M2 was produced from 1958 on in very small numbers with black lacquered camera body. Due to the changed viewfinder system with the viewfinder framelines for 35mm lenses, the Leica M2 enjoyed increasing popularity among professional photographers. As with the Leica M3, the desire for an inconspicuous, black lacquered camera body was also large.

Since the majority of the black-painted cameras were used by professional photographers, it is almost impossible to find a  black painted camera in mint condition. And there is a not insignificant number of collectors who appreciate the traces of use on one of the early black-painted Leica M models and prefer a camera with minimal signs of use to a like new one.

Total production: only approx. 1.871 Leica M2 in black paint finish

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R8