LEICA M2 DA Canada Production

One of only 1,680 Leica M2 models that Leica produced at the Canadian factory in Midland.
The condition is good to very good, the camera was serviced in July 2022.
The Canadian M2 is one of the rarest variants of this model and demand has increased significantly in recent times!

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No. : 1061747 Condition : BB-CC Serviced in 07/2022

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The 1957 introduced Leica M2 was available from 1958 with built-in self-timer. However, there are small series after 1958 in which the camera was still produced without a self-timer.
Generally thought of as a cheaper alternative to the Leica M3, the popularity of the M2 among professional photographers grew, as the camera for the first time had a built-in frame lines for the focal length of 35mm. This comes without the additional frame lines for the 135mm lens. Starting with the Leica M4 the frames for 35mm and 135mm are combined and this type of viewfinder stayed in production until today.

From 1958 onwards, Leica M2 cameras were also produced in the Canadian factory in Midland, Ontario, parallel to production at the main factory in Wetzlar.
Predominantly built with top caps from Wetzlar, it is not always easy to identify a “genuine” Canadian M2!
Very few of them bear the Midland, Ontario engraving on the top cap.

Total production: max. 1.680 units build in Canada

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R6