LEICA M2 Press Button

Offered is a Leica M2 from 1958. The camera offered here is in very good condition, both cosmetically and technically, and has been serviced in December 2021.
Early Leica M2s with a rewind release button have become quite rare, and the few that are available are often much more heavily used than our camera.

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No. : 931269 Condition : BB Serviced in 12/2021

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The Leica M2, introduced in 1957, was the first Leica rangefinder camera with frame lines for 35mm focal length. This innovation was made possible by Leica reducing the viewfinder magnification from 0.9x to 0.72x. At the same time, this solution set the direction for the modern viewfinder system of the M series, which is being built almost unchanged to the present day.
This is why the Leica M2 is also considered the true origin of the modern Leica M system for many Leica collectors and users.

Originally designed as a simplified alternate model of the Leica M3, the Leica M2 developed quite quickly as the preferred tool of the press photographers, as many use more and more the 35mm focal length for their photos. Also the possibility to attach a mechanical rapid winder to any regular serial camera helped the Leica M2 to great popularity.
The main features of the Leica M2 are, in addition to the changed viewfinder, the absence of a self-timer (was installed for the first time from the serial number 949101 with the M2), a non-self-resetting film counter and in the early models a small button (was replaced by a lever during production) to enable film rewinding.

Total production: approx. 76.349 units in silver chrome

Rarity: R5, for the first series R8!

Rarity forecast: R8