LEICA M3 black paint conversion

This Leica M3, originally chrome-plated in silver, was converted to a black painted model at the customer’s request.
The workmanship suggests that the conversion was carried out directly by Leica in the 1980s.
The minimal signs of use indicate that the M3 was used as intended after the factory conversion.
The M3 is in working condition and is in very good technical and cosmetic condition.
A similar Leica M3 black paint was sold in Leitz Auction No. 39 for more than 10.000,00€ !

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No. : 898934 Condition : BB

UVP: 4.495,00 


The Leica M3, introduced in 1954, was the beginning of a new era for the company Leitz in the construction of rangefinder cameras. When introduced at the Photokina in 1954 the camera was revolutionary in terms of technical solutions and design and so the Leica M3 quickly became the preferred working tool for professional photographers. Its reliability and the outstanding optical quality of the Leitz/Leica lenses have led to the legendary reputation the Leica M system still has today.
In the course of the long production period from 1954 to 1966 various changes of detail were made on the M3 and Leica produced about 226.178 units, total.

For many collectors and users, the Leica M3 is still a milestone in the construction of mechanical cameras and the photographs taken with this camera have not only shaped a new modern picture language, but have been anchored in the collective image memory to this day. Photographers such as Henry Cartier-Bresson, David Douglas Duncan, Inge Morath, Eliot Erwitt, René Burri, Abbas and many others created with the Leica M3 images which became icons of modern photography.

Total production: approx. 215.944 units in silver chrome

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R6