LEICA M3 chrom DS first version

Early Leica M3 DS (double stroke) in very good condition, serviced in June 2022.
The camera is in mostly original condition with the only limitation being a minimal dent at the back of the top cap.

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No. : 780187 Condition : BB



Produced from 1954 to 1968, the Leica M3 enjoys a legendary reputation among photographers and collectors. With this camera icons of modern photography were taken and probably no second camera system influenced the modern photography and visual language as strong as the Leica M series.
During the production period, the M3 was subject to various detail changes and many cameras were converted over the decades in the factory, so that nowadays the number of original Leica M3 is no longer very large.
Our camera comes from 1955 and still has most of the typical features of the first version of the M3. You can find double stroke for the film transport, top cap attachment with five visible screws and first execution of the film marker on the swing up rear as well as early shutter time sequence and glass pressure plate.
The camera has a frame selector lever and the rewind know comes from the second version (single red dot index mark). Other modificationas are not visible to the eye.

Total production: approx. 226.178 units

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R5