LEICA M4-2 silver chrome

Silver chrome-plated version of the Leica M4-2 which was only available as “build to order” option.

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No. : 1527116 Condition : A-B

UVP: 5.845,50 


After the intermittently production end of the Leica rangefinder cameras in 1975/1976, there was a persistently high demand for this camera system from professional photographers and amateur photographers, alike. In response to this development, Leica presented the Leica M4-2 as a follow-up model of the Leica M4 at the Photokina in 1976.
Based on the M4, the Leica M4-2 brought with it a number of innovations that were specifically tailored to the needs of professional photographers. It was now possible to use a motor winder with every regular production camera, and to use it even under extreme climatic conditions with a cold protection adpter.

The Leica M4-2 was delivered from 1977/78 in black chrome finish. The production was no longer held in Wetzlar, but Canadian Leitzwerk in Midland, Ontario.
On the occasion of the 100th birthday of Oskar Barnack, a gold plated jubilee model with a circulation of 1,000 pieces was produced in 1979.

The silver-plated Leica M4-2 offered here was produced exclusively on special customer request and had no official Leica order number!
It is the rarest and most beautiful version of the Leica M4-2 and also one of the rarest Leica M models ever!

Total production: number of silver chromed M4-2 is unknown

Rarity: R9

Rarity forecast: R9