LEICA M5 silver chrome, 2 lugs

Very good to mint condition silver chrome Leica M5 from 1973 in obviously unaltered original condition!
As the first, regular series Leica M camera with a built-in light meter, the M5 is the often forgotten classic.

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No. : 1355352 Condition : A-B Serviced in 09/2022



The Leica M5 produced from 1971 to 1975 was the first model of the Leica M series with TTL exposure metering. The camera deviated significantly from the classic M series camera body dimensions and also the shutter was minimally louder than it was until then. Since some users did not appreciate this, after the short-lived production end of the M series in 1975, the follow-up model Leica M4-2 was produced from 1976 onwards with the classic M series dimensions and a seperate light meter.
Nevertheless, the M5 is now a classic of the Leica system and for many users and collectors a historically important camera. It took nine years after the end of production of the Leica M5 to introduce the second model of the series with TTL exposure measurement, the legendary M6.

During the production time of the M5 there were only a few detail changes. Early cameras had two strap lugs, a third lug was added around 1973 with later models. Some models have been modified at the factory so that early versions are relatively rare nowadays.

Total production: approx. 10.750 units in silver chrome

Rarity: R5

Rarity forecast: R5