LEICA M6 titanium

The offered M6 titanium is from the year 1992 and is in very good to mint condition.

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No. : 1927434 Condition : A-B Original boxed



Leica introduced a titanium plated version of the Leica M6 in 1992. The camera had a top cap and base plate made from brass, which was equipped with an extremely resistant titanized surface in a complex procedure. All operating elements were also titanized.
Thought for the hard professional application most of these cameras found themselves with collectors and were never used. It is the same with this titanium plated Leica M6 with emu impress genuine leather body cover. The camera seems to be not used for years or even has never been because the M6 shows no signs of use.

Total production : not exactly known

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R7