LEICA Macro-Elmar-M 4,0/90mm

The Macro-Elmar-M 4.0/90mm is a unique macro lens for the LEICA M system. It is also fully usable as a particularly compact light telephoto lens. Together with the optional LEICA Macro-Adapter-M you can achieve stunning close-ups shots with an incredible 1:2 magnification.

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No. : 11670

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The new Macro-Elmar 4,0 / 90mm was the previous model, which focus, infinity to macro-region re-optimized optical performance. It is fully usable as a universal lens with a slight telephoto focal length up to the macro area with excellent imaging performance. Together with the Macro-Adapter-M, which is specially designed for use with the Leica M with live view function, powerful close-up feasible up to a scale of about 1:2.

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