Offered is a black chromed MD-2 from 1978/79. The technical and cosmetic condition is very good.
Only a minor flaw on the top cap darkens the otherwise perfect overall impression. including Original boxed
Special about this camera is the serial number, followed by a capital letter D.

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No. : 1502565 D Condition : B Very early model!



The Leica MD-2 introduced in 1976 was the last of the simplified series models for special applications and the follow-up model of the Leica MDa. Except for the missing viewfinder and rangefinder, the MD-2 was largely identical to the Leica M4-2 introduced in the same year.
The camera was available from 1977 to 1987 and was produced in small numbers. It seems that the early models were manufatured at Leitz Canada (only 951 units!) and the later production cameras were assembled by Leitz Wetzlar. Furthermore, the production before 1980, so all Canadian MD-2, can be considered as a production on special order. This is quite evident by the partially specially marked serial numbers of the early MD-2 camera bodies.
The production figures vary according to the source. Generally you expect between 2,593 to 2,850 units from Wetzlar production plus the early 951 cameras assembled by Leitz Canada!

Special about the offered camera is, that the serial number is followed by a capital letter D.
This means, according to common opinion, that it is a duplicated serial number.
The second interpretation is, that the camera is not Leica M4-2 as recorded for the number but a "documentation model", so an MD-2.

Due to the fact that the early Canadian MD-2 were manufactured in very small numbers, the second interpretation of the serial number seems quite plausible.

Total production: only approx. 2.593 units by Leitz Wetzlar plus 951 cameras made by Leitz Canada!

Rarity: R6

Rarity forecast: R6