LEICA MD silver chrome

Very good to mint Leica MD from 1966.
The camera is from the penultimate production batch and was service overhauled in November 2022.

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No. : 1160233 Condition : AA-BB



The Leica MD was introduced in 1963 as a basic model without viewfinder and rangefinder. The main use was in scientifical and technical photographic applications, e.g. for use with the Reprovit copy stand and the Visoflex system. In both cases there were no need for a viewfinder and a rangefinder build into the camera body.
The best known version of the Leica MD and their successors were the so called "Postkameras" (postal camera). These special models were fitted with a fixed lens and have been used for monitoring telephone counters.

With a total production of only about 3,216 pieces, the regular production version of the Leica MD is already very rare. The even rarer postal cameras have lost some of their attention, but are still rarely offered.
Since most Leica MDs have been used heavily and frequently, it is hardly possible today to find a camera in very good or even mint condition!

Total production: only approx. 3.216 units

Rarity: R6

Rarity forecast: R7