LEICA MDa full set

Leica MDa body from 1973 with matching-numbered original box, registration base plate and the special marking strips for the base plate.
The condition is very good, which is the exception rather than the rule for one of the Leica MD models, considering the range of application.

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No. : 1361449 Condition : B Original boxed



The Leica MDa was the successor of the Leica MD and has been produced from 1966 on. The most importnat changes were the angled rewind crank and the fitting of the quick loading system of the Leica M4.

The main field of application of the Leica MDa was, as with its predecessors, scientific-medical and technical photography, as well as its use as a camera for reproduction purposes, e.g. on the Reprovit, or in conjunction with the Visoflex as a housing for long focal lengths over 135mm or for close-up photography.

As with the Leica MD there were also the so called Postkameras witin the MDa range. These were used for monitoring telephone counters and have been highly modified.
An absolute rarity among the MDa variants is certainly the extremely rare MDa MOT, which was modified by Leica for Zeiss for scientific-medical photography.

Total production: approx. 14.308 units

Rarity: R4

Rarity forecast: R4