LEICA metal everready case MBROO

Offered is a metal everready case MBROO which is in unaltered original condition. There are slight to normal signs of use on the metal case and the rubber seals are no longer completely intact after more than 60 years.

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Condition : B-C Unaltered original condition!

UVP: 445,50 


The metal everready case MBROO, often referred to as a “tropical case”, was offered by Leitz/Leica in the period from 1954 to 1956.
It is a spay water-proof, shock-proof and impact-resistant light-alloy case for the Leica screw mount cameras up to the model Leica IIIf.
The metal everready case is lacquered with black shrink lacquer and was usually delivered with a plastic strap. However, there are also known cases with leather straps.
Inside lined with velvet and provided with a rubber seal, the tight-fitting case offered excellent protection under extreme climatic conditions or weather conditions. This is why the term “tropical case” is often used by collectors, although Leitz himself always spoke of the metal everready case.

Due to the short production period and the much higher price in relation to the normal leather case (MBROO 78, – DM and ESFUS 25, – DM in April 1956), it is to be assumed that only a very small number of these special cases were sold.
Nowadays, the “tropical case” MBROO is hard to find and has in most cases small to strong signs of use.

Due to the rarity, one should not miss this beautiful and very special piece, as it is an excellent addition to a Leica IIIf or a Leica IIf.

A detailed report on the metal everready case MBROO can be found in Vidom No. 99 from 06/2010.

Total production: not exactly known, just a few hundred might be realistic

Rarity: R7

Rarity forecast: R8