LEICA Monochrom “Drifter” by Lenny Kravitz

The LEICA Monochrom “DRIFTER” by Lenny Kravitz is a rangefinder camera with a 24MP full-fram black and white sensor. The special edition model, limited to only 125 pieces worldwide, is supplied in a set with three exclusive sepia-brown lacquered lenses and features a striking leatherette upholstery in snake-look.

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Photography is pure magic. Like a time capsule, she lets the moment live on ", – Lenny Kravitz is convinced of that. In 2015, Kravitz worked with Leica to design the special edition of the MP (Type 240): The "Correspondent" was a homage to his father, who had brought home a battered Leica from his work as war correspondent in Vietnam Leica M monochrome "Drifter" now the presence of the artist.

A distinctive leather trim and several deliberately untreated brass elements characterize the exterior of the eye-catching camera. Kravitz had come across the synthetic material of the leather upholstery through a close friend, the fashion designer and animal rights activist Stella McCartney, who used it for many of her own creations.

Limited to 125 pieces, the "Drifter" is characterized by the powerful Leica lenses Summicron-M 1: 2/28 ASPH. and APO Summicron 1: 2/75 ASPH. as well as specially selected premium accessories. The result is a stylish set perfect for anyone whose lifestyle is driven by a passion for travel and creativity.

The heart of the "Drifter" edition is a Leica M monochrome (type 246) with a special design: the case is decorated with a sepia-brown special finish; Hot shoe, thumbwheel and release are made in brass without protective varnish, as well as the soft-release button, which leads to a charming patina over time. The camera is leather-covered with imitation leather in a striking "synthetic python" look. The matching strap made of woven material is coated with the same artificial leather as the camera.

Eyes of the set are the Leica Summicron-M 1: 2/28 ASPH lenses, also painted in sepia brown. and APO Summicron-M 1: 2/75 ASPH. The lens hood of the 1: 2/28 is different than the standard model – firmly attached and rotatable to comply with the design of 1: 2/75. The front edges of the lens caps and lens hoods are ground evenly, so that here too unpainted brass is a design element.

Also part of the set is the "The Drifter Traveler" brown faux leather, which is not designed as a mere photo bag, but offers space for more utensils. Two quivers made of imitation leather in the vintage style of the Thambar quiver protect the lenses, two pouches can take about the camera and accessories.

Total productions: only 125 units

Rarity: R8

Rarity forecast: R8

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