LEICA Mounting Frame for Correction Lens

The mounting frame for the correction lens incl. fastening ring holds an individually created correction lens. It enables the optimal adjustment of the camera to your eye so that you can focus precisely and comfortably all the time. It’s not suitable for the M10/M10-P/M10-D/M10-R and M10 Monochrome.

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The Leica Correction Lenses M provide optimum eye-to-camera matching, making composing images in the viewfinder more precise and comfortable. Besides the available grades of +/- 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 diopters, you can ask your optician to manufacture a lens with individual diopters. The Mounting Frame for Correction Lens is to hold such individual lenses.

Please note that the Leica M-Viewfinder is preset by default to -0.5 diopters. For example, wearing glasses of 1 diopter strength would require a +1.5 diopters correction lens. Provide this information to your optician.

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