LEICA MP silver chrome “Hermès” sample

Pre-production sample of the Leica MP “Edition Hermès” limited edition from 2003

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No. : 2923359 Condition : A-B Unique one of a kind



The Leica MP, which was introduced in 2003, is the last purely mechanical Leica M with built-in exposure metering and is currently still part of the product range.
The camera is based on the Leica M6 TTL and has been redesigned and optimized in no less than 50 assemblies, making it the best mechanical Leica M camera ever built!
The type designation is reminiscent of the legendary Leica MP from the 1950s, which at the time was only available to professional photographers and is auctioned today to some astronomical sums.
But even the current Leica MP has created a reputation beyond any doubt. It can certainly be described as a timeless and exceedingly aesthetic tool and it is a pleasure to photograph with a Leica MP.

Available from the beginning with three different viewfinder magnifications, the versions with 0.58x and 0.85x magnification were only available in silver chrome from the factory. And only until 2005!
Since 2004, however, it has been possible to have a personalized Leica M made using the Leica à la carte program.
The Leica MP cameras with 0.58x and 0.85x viewfinder magnification, however, are expected to be the absolute rarities in the regular production models and are therefore offered exceptionally rare.

Offered is a silver chromed Leica MP with 0.72x viewfinder magnification from 2003.
It is presumably a one-off production before the introduction of the limited “Edition Hermès” special model. The camera has a cognac-coloured genuine leather cover and otherwise corresponds to the regular series model.
In contrast to the camera shown here, the frame of the film back of the “Edition Hermès” was finished in silver chrome.
The technical and cosmetic condition of the MP is mint!

There were only 500 Leica MP “Edition Hermès” camera bodys with matching Summicron-M 2,0/35mm ASPH. lenses produced!

Total production: one of a kind

Rarity: R9

Rarity forecast: R9