LEICA Neoprene Case M, small front

The LEICA Neoprene Case is made of leather offers your M camera an ideal protection and is alos suitable for a camera including the handgrip. It is equipped with velcro fasteners. The short version is suitable for M cameras with lenses up to 60mm in length, the long version is suitable for lenses up to 80mm in length.

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No. : 14867

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This attractive black protective case has a strap, handy Velcro fasteners as well as two compartments for memory cards. With the short front in place, it can hold a Leica M-Camera with a lens of up to 65mm diameter / 60mm length.

  • Suitable for an M-camera and a M-lens of up to 60mm in length
  • Handy Velcro fasteners
  • Pockets for 2 SD memory cards
  • Size approximatley: 115 x 115 x 180mm


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