LEICA Noctilux-M 1,2/50mm black

The Noctilux-M 1.2/50mm ASPH. is a re-edition of a classic lens. Produced between 1966-1975, the Noctilux was the first lens with aspherical lenses. The design and construction of this re-edition keeps close to the original and achieves pictures with a distinctive look and special bokeh.

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With the Noctilux-M 1,2/50mm ASPH. LEICA is re-issuing a lens that occupies a very special place in the company’s history. Produced from 1966 to 1975, the Noctilux 1,2/50mm was the world’s first lens to feature aspherical elements and, as such, represented something of a sensation. Its light sensitivity (which is enormous even by today’s standards) further contributed to the Noctilux’s legendary status – as did its unique aesthetic: images captured at open aperture are imbued with a soft, almost dreamlike quality – creating an unmistakable look with an exquisite bokeh.

These distinctive visual characteristics have been carefully retained in the new Noctilux-M 1,2/50mm whose calculation and construction adheres so closely to the original that the imaging results are almost identical. Despite the fact that it was originally calculated more than fifty years ago, the purpose of this lens is by no means limited to nostalgic experiments: once it has been stopped down to f/2.8 (at the very latest), the Noctilux-M 1,2/50mm delivers sharp images that live up to any quality expectations of modern-day digital photography. The lens also continues to be the most compact and light-weight Noctilux in LEICA’s catalogue.

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