LEICA R-Adapter L

The LEICA R-Adapter L allows you use R-System lenses on any SL body. The adapter enables you the use all R lenses with “ROM“ contacts as well as all “LEICA-R only” lenses. Older “type universal” or ” type LEICAFLEX” lenses should not be used because they may damage the adapter.

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No. : 16076

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An adapter which enables the use of 43 different R-lenses with the SL (Typ 601) camera. This wide range of legacy Leica lenses, dating back to 1976, are now compatible with the Leica SL, and are once again usable with a modern Leica thanks to this new adapter. With this adapter mounted on the SL camera, the adapted R-lens maintains its original focal length. For instance, a 35mm R-lens remains a 35mm on the SL.

The Leica R-Adapter L cannot read the selected aperture set on the lens. Instead, the camera uses the same technology to estimate the aperture as with M-lenses mounted via an adapter.

This adapter is only compatible with the Leica SL camera. Leica single-lens reflex lenses manufactured before 1976 should not be mounted to the R-Adapter L, as this can cause damage to the mount.

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