LEICA Summilux-M 1,4/50mm red scale

Uncommon Summilux-M 1.4/50mm lens with white and red inlaid scales from 2008. The condition is very good to mint and the lens comes including original box!

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No. : 4069368 Condition : A-B



The Summilux-M 1,4/50mm was introduced in 1959 and built until 2004. In this period, the optical formular was re-calculated once and the lens received various small changes. Originally provided with clip-on lens hood and close-range of one meter, the late version (from 1995) has a built-in lens hood and minimum focusing distance of 70cm.
These lenses were produced in addition to the regular series version (black chrome) with silver chromed and titanium plated surface.
Also various special models of the Summilux-M 1,4/50mm were made over the years by Leica. There are among others Summilux 50mm lenses with platinium surface, in black paint as special model and also silver chrome with deviating specification (for example the limited edition with M39 screw mount connection for the Japanese market).

The Summilux-M 1.4/50mm has always enjoyed a high priority among Leica photographers within the lens system of the Leica M series and enjoys great popularity.
The imaging performance is not quite as perfect as with the aspheric lens successor, but today the color reproduction of the early version is highly prized by many photographers.

Total production: not known exactly

Rarity: R8

Rarity forecast: R8